What is computational imaging field (Kawabata G.), Computer Science Group, Department of Information Sciences?

The Computational Imaging Field (Kawabata G.) is one of Computer Science Group in the Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. In this research group, we mainly study on image information processing. In image information processing studies, there are studies on imaging science such as color image science and technology, computer graphics, and visual information science. On the other hand, in our field, the related research in information science, medical science and technology, and mobility social system are needed as study activities cooperated with difference fields. The research room in 2F, Building No.6 is called as the Computational Imaging Field (Kawabata G.) since he studies on image information processing.

Research Fields

  • Color Information and Imaging Science and Engineering
  • Computer Graphics
  • Visual Information Science and Engineering
  • Medical Image Engineering
  • Image Processing for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Information System Platform to Construct the Embedded System Software and Apply the Formal method

Research Contents

Image Information Processing Based on Imaging Science and Color Science and Engineering

Image Information Processing for Computer Graphics

Image Information Processing for Visual Media

Image Information Processing for Medical Systems

Image Information Processing for Mobility Society Systems

Information System Platform to Construct the Embedded Systems Software and Apply the Formal Method

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